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 No physical examination conducted. No hands-on therapy provided. 

All information will be handled in a highly confidential manner. This is a LGBTIQ friendly service.   



The reason to call my service as 'Integrated Sexual Healthcare' is because I take a bio-psycho-social approach to my understanding and management of sexual concerns and problems. Moreover, I work closely with general practitioners, psychologists, relationship counsellors and medical specialists in the field of sexual health. What this means to you is that your concern/problem will be assessed, prioritised, referred and managed by the right healthcare professional without you needing to find out what to do and where to go.  

What is Clinical Sex Therapy? 

It is a specialised health profession intended to help individuals/couples resolve their sexual difficulties. Sex therapy utilises counselling skills and proven psychotherapy techniques that guide people to change the way they think and/or function sexually. Sex therapy primarily addresses emotional and psychological aspects of sexuality. To know 'What happens during sex therapy' please click here.


Face-to-face consultation: This is the standard way of delivering professional service. First session is one hour long and the follow-up sessions could be tailored to suite the needs.


By appointment only. Private billing only. No Medicare/Private insurance rebates available.

Online Consultation: This is a modern way of consultation by appropriately utilising the technology. The therapist and client/couple consult through online/virtual platforms (Zoom) at a time that best suites both. This is particularly helpful when access to standard care is a barrier. I can assure you that online consultations are as good as standard consultations. 


 By appointment only. Private billing only.  No Medicare/Private insurance rebates available.


Erectile dysfunction, popularly known as ED, is when a man can't get and/or maintain his erection for a sexual activity. ED could be due to many reasons related to the body and/or mind or as a side effect of certain medications.  When a man experiences ED, it is important to address the issue causing the ED rather just fixing his ED.  


Premature ejaculation is a very common condition in men and has many causes and treatment strategies.




This is a common sexual difficulty that I have dealt in women. It is a condition where the woman has FEAR OF PAIN and the pelvic floor muscle contracts automatically. Although the woman wishes to have sexual intercourse, the sudden closure of pelvic floor makes it difficult for her to allow penetration. it can be highly distressful. 


Low desire, painful sex are other sexual problems encountered by women.


Relationship in general has to be good (loveing, caring, trustworthy) in order to achieve and maintain healthy and happy sex life and vice versa. Though not all relationship problems are due to sexual matters,  it is one big issue where two individuals have different drive, motivation and beliefs. As long as the couple has s strategy to cope with difference then there is no problem. If not, it is important to talk to each other and seek professional help before it is too late.


Not all couples are the same when it comes to fertility (i.e. conceiving a baby). Sex is the fundamental requirement for a couple to fall pregnant in a natural way. Note: there are techniques now available for couples to have a baby by artificial means and that is totally fine. One common situation that I have dealt a lot is where the man presents with ED and the woman has vaginismus and the couple not able to consummate the marriage. Unconsumation can cause distress to the individual, couple or to the whole family.


For men and women who are about to get into a committed relationship (marriage) could be challenging in many ways and does not exclude sex. This is irrespective of whether they had prior sexual experience or not. Question that many men, especially Asian men, have are "Will I be able to satisfy my wife", "What if I dont". Likewise, many women do have similar concerns. Premarital counselling offers an opportunity to discuss the expectations with each other and seek any help if needed.


Sexual (health) literacy is a very important and integral element of sexual health. In my experience, many men and women who have accessed my help were found to have either lack of knowledge about sexual anatomy or functioning. Now, this has nothing to do with how literate they are in general. Many well educated people still lack knowledge about health and when it comes to sexual health it is even less. Sometime knowing nothing is better than knowing it wrongly (by reading it from non-credible websites).


Seeking professional help is not alway reserved for those with sexual concerns or problems.


Health sexuality is about staying sexually health and happy and how to avoid a sexual problem in the future.


This is also about engaging in sexual behaviours/activities in a MINDFUL way which has the potential to make the experience a POSITIVE one.


Sexual behaviours (e.g. masturbation, watching porn on the internet) are not problematic as long as it is done in a responsible manner. Most people don't have a problem with the above mentioned sexual behaviour. On the other hand, some do face problems when the behaviours become out-of-control or compulsive/excessive. Most interestingly, men with out-of-control behaviours don't necessarily recognise it as a problem and they seek help at very late stage. There are many pleasurbale human behaviours that has the tendency to become excessive and there is no shame to seek help.


There are many other reasons why people do seek (or could seek) help. These are NOT sexual problems but issues related to sexuality -


1. Not happy with one's own gender

2. Feeling attracted to same (homosexual) or both sex (bisexual)

3. Help with coming out

4. Body image (penis size, breast size)

5. Risky behaviours and infections

ISH offer comprehensive services on most of the issues mentioned above. 

If and when required, appropriate referral to other healthcare professionals will be made.


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