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Sexual Health vs Healthy Sex?

'Sexual Health' primarily deals with managing sexual problems whether it be infections or dysfunctions even though the W.H.O definition for sexual health is much more than living without sexual problems. 'Healthy Sex', on the other hand, promotes sexual well-being and quality of (sex) life beyond disease, dysfunction or disorder. 

   Educational videos: in English

      What is sex? 


     SBS Radio Talk (Tamil-speaking community members only) Click on the topic to listen/download the file.

      Fear of sex in women

      Erectile dysfunction (part 1)

      Erectile Dysfunction (part 2)


Knowledge vs Health Literacy

'Knowledge' is about understanding or being aware of a certain topic/issue. 

'Health literacy' is the ability to apply knowledge when it comes to decision making of your health.

Today, there is plenty of sources to seek knowledge but getting difficult to know which one is credible and reliable. It is important to seek professional's help/advice to make sure you have GOOD health literacy. This is even more important when it comes to issues/concerns realted to your sexuality!

Let us promote Sexual Health Literacy!!

Transcultural Sexual Health

'Culture' and 'Sexuality' are two very complex but highly inter-related domains of our life. Interstingly, the both are very fluid and dynamic (meaning it has the tendency to change and evolve over a period of time). I specialise in understanding and promoting sexual health and healthy sexuality of Indian migrants in Australia. Click here to read my doctoral thesis on the same topic.

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