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Dr Vijay Ramanathan

MMed., GDip-SexHlth, GCert-HighEd, DipCoun, PhD, FECSM (Eu.), FHEA (UK), MACA (Lv1)


I am a graduate of the University of Sydney and a healthcare professional in the field of human sexuality with over 14 years of experience (clinical and academic) across Australia and India. 

Lecturer in Sexual Health (Sexology), Faculty of Medicine & Health,  the  University of Sydney. To know more, please click here.


Fellow of the European Committee for Sexual Medicine,

Member of the Australian Counselling Association & 

Clinical Psychosexual Therapist, accredited by the Society for Australian Sexologists.

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Getting in contact...


Unlike seeking help for other health conditions, it is not always easy to seek professional help for sexual concerns/problems.


A number of thoughts and concerns around judgement, confidentiality, affordability could hold you back from reaching out for help.


Integrated Sexual Healthcare assures you with service that is of high Quality (evidence-based), Person-Centred (respecting person's values and needs; non-judgemental) and Ethical (adhering to strict code of professional practice).

I offer face-to-face clinical sexology service at Liverpool Medical Centre on Saturdays, 11am-2pm by appointment only.

For those who can't come in person, I offer Online Consultation through Zoom or Skype.

Seek help for... ​

  • Male sexual concerns/problems                                      (e.g. difficulties with erection, ejaculation)

  • Female sexual concerns/problems                                   (e.g. painful or difficulty with sexual intercourse)

  • Sexual difficulties in couples                                             (e.g. difference in levels of interest in sex, not able to lead a satisfying sex life)

  • Sexual problems & (sub) fertility                                        (e.g. unconsummated marriage, lack of sexual literacy, vaginismus & secondary erectile dysfunction)

  • Problematic sexual behaviours                                          (e.g. compulsive masturbation)

  • Premarital sexual concerns​                                                  (e.g penis size, doubts about sexual performance, risk of sexually transmissible infection, body image concerns) 

  • Other issues                                                                           (e.g. help with coming out)